Sequined Oblivion

I'm kinsey, 17
i drive an amethyst jeep
i'm a wayfarer stuck in the outskirts of sin city
i enjoy the dust at the bottom of the cereal box and fantasizing about the forestॐ
i'm what they call a people-person
takin by the raddest boy around
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  • “ We should not go to the [poor countries] and say, ‘Here we are. We come to give you the charity of our presence, to teach you our science, to show you your errors, your lack of culture, your ignorance of elementary things.’ We should go instead with an inquiring mind and a humble spirit to learn at that great source of wisdom that is the people. ”

    —    Che Guevera (via reoffender)

    (via msrayofsun)

    You could call me young or just overly hopeful or unrealistic, but none of that will change the fact that I am laying next to my soulmate.

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