Sequined Oblivion

I'm kinsey, 17
i drive an amethyst jeep
i'm a wayfarer stuck in the outskirts of sin city
i enjoy the dust at the bottom of the cereal box and fantasizing about the forestॐ
i'm takin by the raddest girl in town
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  • what's your girlfriend like?

    Asked by Anonymous

    Think of an overwhelmingly beautiful sunset.. one that leaves you somewhat speechless. When you just stare at it and wish you could save that image for the rest of your life, but no image nor words could ever do it the justice it deserves, and as you stand there and look at it, you wish you could share it with all the people you love, so they can experience its beauty with you.

    That’s her

    your ignorance doesn’t particularly phase me, but it sure does hurt

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